Long, thin, ciliated lobe arising dorsally from proximomesial border of first antennular segment and extending anteriorly; found in Penaeidae. (Syn. dorsal eye brush) [Williams, 1984].
Process arising from mesial margin of first article of antennule (Dendrobranchiata) [Poore, 2004].
Scale implanted on inner margin of basal segment of antennular peduncle in Penaeidae [Moore and McCormick, 1969].
Scale implanted on inner margin of basal segment of antennular peduncle [McLaughlin, 1980].
Variable in shape, thin, sometimes scalelike process arising from the mesial base of the first antennular segment, and extending distally (Fig. 3B) [Perez Farfante and Kensley, 1997].
(Order Decapoda):
In shrimp-like (natantian) decapod, long, lobe- or scale-like projection from inner (medial) margin of first antennular segment. (Syn. dorsal eye brush) [Stachowitsch, 1992].

Crustacea glossary. . 2011.

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