buccal frame

buccal frame
structure of brachyuran decapods enclosing mouth parts, its sides formed by free anterolateral edges of carapace, its front delimited by epistome, and commonly closed by operculiform third maxillipeds [Moore and McCormick, 1969].
(Order Decapoda):
In crab-like (brachyuran) decapod, well-defined, frame-like depression on underside of head; contains mouthparts (labrum, mandibles, maxillules, maxillae, maxillipeds, labium) and may be covered by expanded (operculiform) maxillipeds. (quadrate, triangular). See: endostome [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Infraorder Brachyura):
Structural region of cephalon enclosing mouthparts [McLaughlin, 1980].

Crustacea glossary. . 2011.

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