? See Ischium [Martin, 2005].
(Order Decapoda):
Ischium. (Syn. ischiopodite) [Stachowitsch, 1992].

Crustacea glossary. . 2011.

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  • ischiopod(ite) — n. [Gr. ischion, hip; pous, foot] (ARTHROPODA) The third segment of a generalized limb; the second trochanter, or second segment of the telopodite; prefemur; see ischium …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • ischium — ( ) [Holthuis, 1993]. Schematic drawing of a thoracic leg. [Holthuis, 1993] ( ) [Baba, 2005]. Endopod of Mxp 3, lateral; and endopod of Mxp 3, including basal 2 articles, distal articles omitted, central. Based on Munidopsis. [Baba, 2005] Article …   Crustacea glossary

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