lower lip

lower lip
See: metastoma [Martin, 2005].
See: metastoma [McLaughlin, 1980].
(Order Cladocera):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Cumacea):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Decapoda):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Amphipoda):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Isopoda):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Mysida):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Stomatopoda):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Leptostraca):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Subclass Branchiura):
Refers to either 1) paragnaths of labium surrounding mouth posteriorly or 2) lip-like lower margin (bearing labial spines and associated glands) of proboscis [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Class Ostracoda):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Thermosbaenacea):
Labium [Stachowitsch, 1992].

Crustacea glossary. . 2011.

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