appendix interna

appendix interna
A slender rodlike lappet on the mesial ,argin of the endopod of the second through fifth pleopods of shrimps; it is provided with terminal hooked setae by which the two pleopods of a pair must be joined mesially. (Pl. appendices internae) [Chace and Hobbs, 1969].
A slender rodlike structure on the mesial border of the endopod of the second through fifth pleopods of shrimps; terminal and/or subterminal hooked setae allow the mesial joining of two pleopods of a pair [Hobbs, Hobbs, and Daniel 1977].
Medial projection stemming from pleopodal endopods, serving to unite members of each pair of pleopods. (Syn. stylamblys) [Moore and McCormick, 1969].
Median process of pleopodal endopod uniting members of each pair. (Syn. stylamblys) [McLaughlin, 1980].
Slender lappet, sometimes rodlike, at the mesial base of the endopod of the second pleopod (dorsal to the appendix masculina) of many males. (Pl. appendices internae) [Perez Farfante and Kensley, 1997].
Slender rodlike flap on inner margin of endopod of the second to fifth pleopods of shrimp. (Pl. appendices internae) [Butler, T.H.].
Slender, rodlike structure on mesial border of endopod of second through fifth pleopods of shrimp [Hobbs and Jass, 1988].
Small branch on inner margin of pleopod 2, triangular or rod-like, usually with clusters of hooks to attach to its pair. (Pl. appendices internae) [Poore, 2004].
Small separate branch on mesial side of pleopodal endopodite, usually tipped with hooks which interlock with opposite member in swimming [Williams, 1984].
(Order Decapoda):
Projection of inner branch (endopod) of each pleopod; serves to hook pleopod to its opposite member (for swimming). (Syn. stylamblys) [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Stomatopoda):
Projection of inner branch (endopod) of each pleopod. Bears hooks (retinacula) and, in first pleopod pair of male, hook-shaped and tubular processes (petasma). (Syn. stylamblys) [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Leptostraca):
In each of the four well-developed anterior pairs of pleopods, medially (inwardly) directed process at base of endopod. Serves to link pleopods together for swimming [Stachowitsch, 1992].
(Order Euphausiacea):
Medially (inwardly) directed process of each pleopod. Serves to link pleopods of each somite together for swimming [Stachowitsch, 1992].

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